Busy Meeting for Plymouth BZA

June 3, 2010


The Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals had a very busy agenda for their meeting this week.

They denied the variance application of Steve and Velma Freed to reduce the front yard setbacks on their corner lot to allow for a 22 X 35 detached garage on Manor Drive.  A review by board members found no other homes in the neighborhood with a garage in the front yard.

The second request was by Roy Roush to reduce the side yard setback at 2400 West Jefferson Street to allow for a detached garage.  The property sets well back off the roadway and the neighbor has a structure even closer then the variance request of 15 feet.  The board unanimously approved the variance.

Juan Luva at 1927 Jim Neu Drive was before the BZA seeking a variance to allow the detached carport he has already constructed to remain with a variance for a zero foot setback.  During the hearing it was determined that the carport actually sits on the right-of-way.  The board did approve the zero setback but it will require the carport to be moved the reduced in size to get out of the right-of-way.

The final variance request was from Beacon Credit Union who is constructing a new building at 855 North Oak Drive.  Bruce Ingham told the board there are no sidewalks on either side of their new location.  He said, “We are willing to put in a sidewalk when it makes sense.  Putting in a sidewalk now is asking for more problems that good.” 

Board member Mark Gidley said, “A lot of work went into the current set of ordinances.”  He continued by saying, “We are trying to make our city pedestrian friendly.  Someone’s got to be first.” 

The board approved the variance with the stipulation of accepting a letter from Beacon Credit Union that guarantees they will put in the sidewalk in when it makes sense.

In other business the board asked the Assistant Manager of Kabelin’s to move their display material the currently sits in the parking lot in the front yard setback to the north end of the parking lot near the retention pond.   

Building Commission Keith Hammonds was asked to send a letter the property manager at Jimmy John’s in reference to posting a sign on the north driveway indicating that it is only an entrance and not a exit.

Hammonds and Planning Consultant Bill Neal have determined the storage sheds on Lincolnway East are not structures but commodities.  This determination means they do not have to meet the setback requirements of the building.  They will be allowed to stay in their current location.

The final issue was the location of a banner on the buildings at 113 and 115 North Michigan Street.  The buildings currently have a banner advertising the Yellow River Festival on it.  A complaint was received by the city and the issue came before the BZA. 

Hammonds did approve a permit for the banner and it was determined the banner is in compliance.  Since the banner is not advertising a business or product but an event it is a permitted use in the current location.