Mayor’s Anti-Meth Meeting Discusses New N.A. & Meth Support Group

June 28, 2010


Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter conducted his regular monthly Anti Meth Meeting last week at the Menominee Elementary School Library.  Only a dozen people attended.

Julius and Jocelynne Novitzke were the guest speakers for the meeting.  They were there to promote their new Narcotics Anonymous and Meth Support Group.  Their meetings are held every Wednesday evening from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the New Song Community Church at 400 North Kingston Road, next to Dollar General.   The meetings are confidential and are provided to help discuss addictions and recovery in a more positive way.

Julius said they have held two meetings so far and the attendance has increased.  At their last meeting there were nine people.  He explained that the meetings are not just for people addicted to meth but any drugs. He said the meetings are for someone who wants to quit, who has already quit and for family members of addicts.

Also attending the meeting was Plymouth Police Officer John Weir who is also a member of the MAD (Multi Agency Drug) Unit.  He said, “We’ve been busy. There is no shortage anywhere and we are constantly getting tips.”  Weir is also responsible for tracing the purchases of pseudoephedrine from the various pharmacies in Marshall County.   He said there is a big back-log and that warrants currently being signed are 6 to 8 month behind.  Weir said the state is conducting a trail run on the program created to track those who purchase amounts over the state limit on a state registry.