Plymouth Fire Chief Resigns, G. Cook to Serve as Interim

February 7, 2012

02/08/12 Plymouth Fire Chief Andy Metsker has resigned to go into private business. In late February he will take a job with Gibson Insurance Corporation as a loss prevention consultant. Chief Metsker has nearly nine years as a full-time firefighter.  He was a 10 year volunteer prior to becoming a full-time firefighter.  He was named Chief by Mayor Mark Senter on May 1, 2008.

During Chief Metsker’s tenure the department successfully applied for an AFG grant for the 800 mhz radios.  This was a county-wide grant application that totaled $775,000 in equipment.  In securing that grant, all Fire Departments inMarshallCountyreceived 800MhZ radios for the fire apparatus and portable radios for each seat on the units.  This brought the latest technology to the fire service inMarshallCountyand to allow for communication between emergency responders and law enforcement.

Chief Metsker also brought forward a set of consistent Standard Operating Procedures that have moved the PFD personnel so each understands the roles and responsibilities of each apparatus and member of the department.

“I have enjoyed my time as Chief.  I am grateful for the opportunity the Mayor gave me four years ago.  I will continue my fire service as a member of the volunteer force,” Chief Metsker said.

“Chief Metsker has brought quiet leadership to the position of Fire Chief.  I thank him for his guidance of the Plymouth Fire Department,” said Mayor Senter.  “I wish him all the best for his future endeavors.”

Assistant Chief Cook will be acting chief until a new chief is named.  A search for a new chief is underway by Mayor Senter.