Commissioners Determine Ownership of Accesses at Lake of the Woods

June 22, 2010


More than 50 residents of Lake of the Woods attended a special evening meeting of the Marshall County Commissioner Monday night.  The special meeting was called to announce the determination by County officials of the various right-of-ways around the lake.

Marshall County Plan Director Ralph Booker gave a power-point presentation which included the public access that have been accepted by the Commissioners over the years, public accesses not accepted by the Commissioners and those areas that have been deeded private.   


After showing the county’s paperwork on the various properties, plats and airel views of the sites in questions County Attorney Jim Clevenger gave some not so great news to many of the property owners.  He said, “It is not the intention of the County to take private property, but to maintain public right of way.”  He then explained that private properties around the lake have not been taxed and now will be.  He said his recommendation to the commissioner is to the various pieces of properties assessed and the property taxes shared by those in the subdivision or addition.    

The Commissioners opened up the meeting for public comment.  More than a dozen citizens asked questions and made comments.   

Following the meeting several folks stayed around to speak with the commissioners, plan director and surveyor.