City Council to Consider Rezoning Request at 9A & King Road

September 25, 2011

09/26/1  A proposed ordinance set for both 2nd and 3rd reading by the Plymouth Common Council on September 26 concerning the rezoning of land near the corner of King Road and 9A Road has people on both sides of the question expressing opinions.

If passed, the zoning would be changed from R-1 (Rural Residential District) to C-3 (Corridor Commercial District).

Reichert’s Wrecker Service is seeking to have the zoning changed in order to accommodate a building for their business along with a fenced in area for temporary storage of vehicles. They currently have similar businesses in both Warsaw and Bourbon.

The matter was first discussed and voted on at the September 6 meeting of the Plymouth Plan Commission and then sent on to the Common Council with no recommendation-either for or against. A public hearing was also held at the Plan Commission meeting when the public could address the Commission. Although the Plan Commission had a quorum present at that meeting, there were an insufficient number of votes to approve or reject the request. The final vote was 4 against, 2 in favor, and two abstentions.

Several local residents who own property also attended the Common Council meeting on September 12 when the ordinance was up for 1st reading. They were not given an opportunity to speak at the meeting, but Mayor Mark Senter and City Attorney Nelson Chipman implied that there could be comments made on the matter at the September 26 meeting.

Among those opposing the change are owners of what is commonly known as the Meyer’s Farm. Siblings Ellen Hummel, Tom Meyers and Nancy Meyers own land on all four sides of the property where the Reichart’s are intending to build. According to Hummel, the property has been in the family for 130 years and continues to be used as farm ground and pasture.

Among other reasons, the family members are questioning how the area could be rezoned to C-3 when the City’s Comprehensive Plan requires public sewer and water. At this time, there are no public utilities to the property. The minimum lot size for use in a C-3 area is .5 acre. In an R-1 zone, the minimum lot size is 5 acres and private well and septic systems are allowed.

Pointing to an inclusion in the Plymouth Comprehensive Plan dated 2003, Nancy Meyers said, “There are multiple references in the 2003 plan to a future “limited access highway.” They have also expressed their concerns with the traffic in the area and the number of accidents at the corner of US 30 and King Rd.

Those in favor of the rezoning have looked to the truck stop already in place across US 30 from the property in question as an example that commercial business already exist in the area. Those involved in the wrecker business have indicated that much of their business is generated from the truck stop. Additionally, they have explained that locating at that location would allow them quick, convenient and a safe access to the highways.


The common Council meeting on Monday, September 26 is open to the public and will begin after the meeting adjournment of the Board of Public Works and Safety.

Carol Anders Correspondent