St. Rd. 17 to be Closed After 4th of July

June 17, 2010


Ron Wireman, Construction Manager from DLZ is announcing the closure of State Road 17 as part of the Pioneer Drive Extension Wednesday. 

Wireman said, “Well, it’s that time! The contractor has informed me they plan to close State Road 17 on July 6,  the Tuesday morning following the 4th of July weekend.  The closure is necessary to begin the reconstruction of State Road 17.”  Wireman continued, “Keep in mind that the contractor is allowed 30 days for this closure in order to complete the work for this portion of the project.”

Because Highway 17 is a State Road, INDOT has created an official State Road detour route. The official detour for north bound traffic would be from S.R.8 west to S.R.23, S.R.23 north to U.S.30, U.S.30 east to S.R.17 and vice-versa for S.R.17 south bound traffic.

This closure will allow for the lowering of a hill on the east side of the new intersection and the development of the intersection for the new Pioneer Drive.