The Marshall County Park Board held their June meeting in the historic Trustee’s Cabin in the Memorial Forest last Thursday and were updated on their next project, the addition of a pavilion in the Memorial Forest.

Board member Deb VanDeMark said she spoke with Joel Langfeldt about the concrete work for the 16 x 24 pavilion. He gave a rough estimate of $5,000 but said he would provide a quote at next month’s meeting.  Langfelt said his brother would be available to clear the site for the concrete pad. 

VanDeMark said she would ask Joel Langfeldt to attend the next meeting so they can discuss the project with him in person. 

Board member Brain Main said the concrete pad should be at least a foot bigger than the pavilion with a slope so rainwater running off the roof won’t make a muddy border around the pavilion. 

Yoder Log and Timber will construct the pavilion and their estimate was $15,000.  VanDeMark said they won’t be able to complete the pavilion until this fall.

Members questioned if funds were available for the project and VanDeMark said they have $9,000 in the Memorial Forest fund and $5,000 in the West Township Cabin line item.