Have you heard of the 10-gallon Milk Challenge?

Last week on WTCA’s “What’s Your Opinion Show” Brieanna Slonaker the Purdue Marshall County Ag Educator was on the show to promote June Dairy Month and she discussed the 10-gallon challenge. 

While the challenge helps dairy farmers, the real benefit helps the food pantries in the county.  The challenge asks you to purchase 10 gallons of milk from your local grocery store and drop them off at your nearest food pantry.  Dairy products are one of the most requested items at food pantries, however, they make up only 5% of total donations. This is one easy way to help out the families in your community.

Milk is a nutrient-dense food, and like all dairy products has nine essential nutrients to help your body stay healthy.  The top nutrients are calcium, which helps build strong bones and teeth, and protein, which builds muscles. These nutrients are important for people of all ages!

The 10-gallon Milk Challenge was started by Ty Higgins, a farm broadcaster at Ohio Ag Net. In his Facebook video, he encourages consumers to support dairy farmers by donating 10 gallons of milk to their local food bank.

Purdue Extension Marshall County and GIANT fm WTCA are passing the challenge on to the citizens in Marshall County. Pick up 10 gallons of milk and drop it off at your local food pantry during June Dairy Month.