During this week’s County Commissioner meeting, Commissioner Stan Klotz brought up an issue with their approval to change out security cameras.  He said they received two proposals six months ago, one from Hyperwave Consulting for $42,500, and a second quote for $80,000 to $90,000 from another company.  Last week the commissioners were given an updated proposal for $53,751.21. Part of the increase is for additional cameras in the courthouse and County Building to get better coverage plus the cost of the cameras has increased in the last six months.

Commissioner Klotz asked for approval to take the request to the County Council to see if they will fund it since the sheriff doesn’t have the additional funds in his budget.  Klotz explained that the sheriff maintains control of the security cameras and he just wants to help get it funded. 

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer made the motion to support the replacement of the security cameras and the additional cameras in both buildings in the amount of $53,751.21 and Klotz seconded to motion.  With only two commissioners at the meeting, it unanimously passed.

Commissioner Klotz also brought up the requirement to livestream meetings where public tax dollars are being collected and expended.  He recommended asking the County Council to support the creation of a second, but smaller room in the County Building for live stream meetings.  The concern is there are going to have to be so many meetings live-streamed including the 10 townships in the county along with Tourism, libraries, and Solid Waste to offer a second room for use.  The commissioners did say that there may be a cost since someone will have to open and close the building during off hours and security will be needed.  The state’s deadline is July 1, 2025.

No action was taken on the request but the commissioners will continue to investigate it.