During Monday’s Marshall County Commissioner meeting, Highway Superintendent Jason Peters presented the commissioners with the agreement letter with Milestone Contractors North for this year’s 17 Community Crossings projects. 

Peters said Milestone may get started with work this week. They were the low bidder at $1,901,806 for approximately 12 miles of county roadways.

Superintendent Peters gave an update on roadwork by the Highway Department employees.  He said his crew has been hauling millings and prepping roads.  Rejuve Tech has been sprayed on reclaimed roads and they plan to start sealing next week and finish out the season with paving projects. 

Peters said the mowing contractor was contacted to begin the second round of right-of-way mowing throughout the county.  He said they plan to begin this week.  The Highway Department also has employees out spraying brush, working on catching up on patching potholes and gravel roads, and prepping chip-and-seal roads this week.

Commissioner Stan Klotz wanted to warn the public, last week at the INDOT Safety Summit in LaPorte, a new initiative was announced for this summer for safety in work zones.  INDOT didn’t detail the initiative, but Klotz wanted to warn drivers in work zones to slow down and be careful.