Friday morning all 456 staff members from across the 7 schools in the Plymouth Community School Corporation were invited to an all-you-can-eat luncheon.  PCSC members were able to select their food options from a line of 5 food trucks including an ice cream truck, a donut truck, and a pretzel truck that were lined up along the Rockpile.  The luncheon was provided by the Plymouth Community School Corporation.

Superintendent Mitch Mawhorter commented “As we close the chapter on another amazing school year, we want to express our deepest gratitude to every department that makes our school community thrive. We thank our dedicated teachers, supportive staff, caring counselors, diligent administrators, hardworking custodians, and maintenance, technology, transportation, safety, and food service teams—for their unwavering commitment to our students’ success. Their efforts shape the future, and we couldn’t be more grateful.”

The food truck tradition is a small token to the staff that represents the corporation and has served the PCSC students all year round.

This year the Spanish Club has also set up a free Zumba class all staff members were invited to.