Plymouth City Engineer Dan Sellers told members of the Board of Public Works and Safety that he submitted the annual Municipal Separate Storm Sewer General Permit (MS4GP) a couple weeks ago.

Sellers said part of the permit is public outreach and reports to public officials, thus the reason for his participation in the City meetings on Tuesday. 

The engineer gave some highlights of the 9-page document.  The city had 3 illicit discharges reports with two of them being illuminated and one required no corrective actions.  He said 11 construction sites have obtained the stormwater runoff permits and the city has inspected 8 of them and the final 3 have yet to start construction.

Sellers said the estimated street-sweeping material collected was 754 cubic yards.  In comparison he said an international dump truck is about 10 cubic yards. The city also cleaned about three-quarters of a ton of debris from storm sewers in the city.     

Members of the Board of Public Works and Safety had no questions for the city engineer.