Last week GIANT fm WTCA reminded Plymouth residents of the city ordinance for the use of golf carts on city streets and alleys. We also reminded users that golf carts are not permitted on State Roads, including State Road 17 which is also Lake Avenue and North Michigan Street from Garro Street to U.S. 30. 

During last night’s Common Council meeting, Councilman Randy Longanecker said he is still seeing golf carts on North Michigan Street and on the Greenway Trail, which does not permit motorized vehicles.  He suggested the city look at enforcement.

Councilman Dave Morrow said he has seen kids to young to have a driver’s license driving golf carts in his neighborhood with even younger kids on the back. 

Mayor Listenberger wanted to create a committee to review and modify the current ordinance.  Council members Dave Morrow, Duane Culp and Kayla Krathwohl will serve on the committee with help from City Attorney Jeff Houin and Plymouth Police Chief Jeff Weir.