Lindie Leary, County Director for the Bowen Center appeared before the Marshall County Commissions on Monday with her annual report. 

The 2023 review for Marshall County showed that the county gave Bowen Center $387,887 to provide services to local citizens.  There were 4,041 patients served last year with 60,848 patient visits.  The total amount of free care provided in the county was valued at $720,774.  Leary said this funding helps those who are uninsured or underinsured.  The Bowen Center has a total of 100 employees and an annual payroll of $5.9 million. 

Leary highlighted the recently added primary care services at their facility on Illinois Street.  She said it has been going very well and there are discussions about possibly bringing on a second primary care provider.  

The new facility currently under construction at the corner of U.S. 30 and Pioneer Drive is three weeks ahead of schedule.  Currently, they are scheduled to move in in October.   Leary said the new facility will be more accessible to everyone.  It also offers everything under one roof, primary care, pharmacy services, lab services twice a week, therapy services groups, and skills community-based services.  There is a location in the building that will allow the Bowen Center to add either optometry or dentistry services in the future. 

Finally, Lindie Leary mentioned the Crisis Stabilization Center.  This pilot program began at the end of 2023 at the inpatient facility in Pierceton.  The center provides walk-in services during a crisis and a person can stay for up to 23 hours.  They are continually assessed and there are places for them to sleep, read, watch TV, and access a computer while they are receiving an extra layer of crisis response. 

Marshall County Commission Mike Burroughs wanted the public to be aware that the $387,887 is a mandate by the state of what the county gives to the Bowen Center.  The county has no control over the dollar amount.