During the “Public Comment” portion of the Marshall County Commissioners meeting on Monday, Commissioner Kevin Overmyer announced that he is having some medical issues and would have surgery on Tuesday that will set him back for a while.

Overmyer told WTCA listeners a couple of weeks ago that he was having the tip of his big toe removed due to an infection he has been fighting since last August.   

Because of health issues, Overmyer felt it best to step down from his position on the Marshall County Plan Commission.  Overmyer then made a motion to have Commissioner Mike Burroughs fill his position on the Marshall County Plan Commission.  Burroughs seconded the motion and all three commissioners voted approval of the change.

On Tuesday’s “What’s Your Opinion Show” on GIANT fm WTCA at 9 a.m. Commissioner Klotz said, “To be honest with you, I regret that vote.” 

When asked by co-host Mark Gidley why he regretted the vote Klotz said, “At the end of the meeting I did ask after the people spoke if anyone (of the commissioners) had a change of heart for a moratorium and they both said they didn’t.  Why I regret that vote is because the public has spoken, and they don’t want the solar.  The bottom line, and you can say what you want but that vote was overwhelming.”  Klots went on to say the vote on Monday was to protect solar in this county.  The commissioner also said he’s not anti-solar.  If someone wants to put it on his home, business, or farm that’s fine he just doesn’t like industrial solar.

Related to the Marshall County Plan Commission, County Attorney Jim Clevenger said their recent appointment of Terri Barnhart to be one of the alternates for an absent Board of Zoning Appeals member can’t happen because she holds an elected position on the Triton School Board.  The commissioners voted to keep Michelle Mieras as their only alternative to the County BZA.