The Marshall County Drainage Board and Commissioners will hold meetings Monday morning beginning at 8:30 for the Drainage Board and 9:30 for the Commissioners.  The meetings are held in the second-floor meeting room of the County Building and are streamed live on YouTube.

The Drainage Board will conduct a public hearing to consider an increase to the maintenance assessment of the Emma Kuntz Drain and Mervin Ramer is seeking approval of a proposed project on the John Kline Tile.  Also on the agenda is a variance request of the William Troup Ditch by Bryan Bellman, property owner, and Nate Kauffman his contractor.  The drainage board is also expected to accept the agreement on the Milner Tile with the two property owners, the County Highway and Drainage Board, sharing in the cost. 

The Commissioners will hear from Highway Superintendent Jason Peters and County Plan Director Ty Adley will conduct a public hearing for a request of Tim and Joan Bemish.  The agenda also includes Thomas Spaulding with an update on the US 30/31 ProPEL Coalition and Lindie Leary from the Bowen Center will give her annual report to the commissioners.

Shanno McLeod from Priority Projects will present a claim for the Owner-Occupied Housing Improvement projects and the County Attorney and County Auditor will give their reports. 

The agenda also includes an opportunity for public comments and the commissioners will consider a MOU with Marshall County Hope and discuss the Jail Repair Project.