At a House Budget Committee hearing today, Congressman Rudy Yakym (IN-02) called out the security, humanitarian, societal, and financial costs of President Biden’s border crisis. In his remarks, Rep. Yakym highlighted how the Biden Administration’s immigration policies and executive actions have led to unsustainable levels of illegal immigration, how the Administration has repeatedly and deliberately downplayed the severity of the border crisis, and how every state – including Indiana – is now a border state under this president. 

President Biden created this crisis on Day One when he signed the first of 64 executive actions that have undermined border security and encouraged illegal immigrationDespite the unprecedented surge in illegal immigration, the Biden Administration chose to deny there was any problem at all

We’ve known for years what President Biden and his administration refused to acknowledge until recently: that our southern border isn’t secured. No laws have changed, just the will to enforce them.

And while they’ve been in denial, we’ve seen fentanyl decimate communities. We’ve seen people on the Terrorist Watchlist stream across the border. We’ve seen state and local government budgets strain under the weight of providing food and shelter. We’ve seen crime, with illegal immigrants assaulting police and even committing rape or murder.

The numbers don’t lie… President Biden created this crisis with the stroke of a pen, he can fix it with the stroke of a pen, and I call on him to do just that.”

Click HERE to watch Rep. Yakym’s full remarks and line of questioning.