On Friday. May 3, Tri Kappa celebrated the return of spring with its annual Student Art Show honoring Plymouth High School’s talented visual artists. The organization invited ninth through twelfth grade art students to submit their favorite pieces for the show in the categories of Painting, Color Drawing, Black and White Drawing, Mixed Media, 3-D, Digital Design, and Ceramics. 

Artists Marge Burkholder, Jayne Jacobson, and Stephen Fink from the Heartland Art Center served as the show’s judges and faced the difficult task of awarding the prizes. As Stephen Fink explained, “I think we’re all going to lose sleep over what we didn’t choose.” Jayne Jacobson, who has judged the show for twenty years, concurred. “It was a hard show to judge because there was so much talent.”

Senior Sean Velasquez received the show’s highest distinction, Best In Show, with her stunning mixed media portrait.  Her work also earned her the top awards in Black and White Drawing and Color Drawing.

 Evin Rodriguez Galeas, Alissa Kessler, Alivia Kizer, and Hannah Roney took first place honors in the remaining categories. This year, art class students voted on their favorite pieces which included works by Daisy Vanmeter, Miranda Gibbons, and Madison Hauptmann. Tri Kappa will present all award winners with certificates, ribbons, and monetary prizes.

The Tri Kappa Art Show will be displayed in Plymouth High School’s door 5 corridor through May 13. The public may enter through door 5 after 3:15 p.m.


Painting:  1st – Alivia Kizer; 2nd – Sean Velasquez; 3rd – Ariana Moreno; 4th – Trista Mitchell; 5th – Ariana Moreno

3-D: 1st – Evin Rodriguez Galeas; 2nd – Sean Pega; 3rd – Tyler Holderman; 4th – Noah Freeman; 5th – Alleyah Weedling

Black and White Drawing: 1st – Sean Velasquez; 2nd – Ava Lloyd; 3rd – Ava Lloyd; 4th – Violet Flora; 5th – Anna Cassidy

Mixed Media: 1st – Sean Velasquez; 2nd – Magaly Cervantes; 3rd – Chole Kanschat; 4th – Alivia Kizer; 5th – Gunnison Clady

Color Drawing: 1st – Sean Velasquez; 2nd – Anna Cassidy, 3rd – Ava Lloyd; 4th – Kendra Arriaga; 5th – AJ Cooper

Digital Design: 1st – Hannah Roney; 2nd – Hannah Roney; 3rd – Olivia Wringer; 4th – Zakary Kresser; 5th – Alivia Kizer

Ceramics: 1st – Alissa Kessler; 2nd – Alissa Kessler; 3rd – Alivia Kizer; 4th – Meredith Borden; 5th – Alexius Borys

Best of Show:  Sean Velasquez, Mixed Media

Student Choice Artists: Daisy Vanmeter – Painting; Miranda Gibbons – Color Drawing; Madison Hauptmann – Ceramics

Tri Kappa’s Choice Artists: Jocelyn Houin – Painting; Izzie Wray – Ceramics; Cody Wheeler – Painting