On Thursday, Tim and Joan Bemish of 4115 West Shore Drive at Lake of the Woods appeared before the Marshall County Plan Commission with a request to rezone a parcel of land from A-1 to L-1, Lake Residential.

Ty Adley the county’s Plan Director told the Plan Commission they have several other pieces of property and want to combine this lot with other lots they own that are zoned L-1.  To consolidate the lots, they all must be under the same zoning classification.  Adley said the majority of the property is zoned L-1 and changing this zoning will assist the Benish’s with the estate planning.  He also noted that the lot is undeveloped, but the most desirable use would be residential, but a residential subdivision would be complicated given the terrain and tree/shrub cover on the property and the county ditch on the south side of the property.

The Technical Review Committee and staff recommended approval of the proposed rezoning.

During the Public Hearing, there was one comment on a question on the ownership of the alley vacation.  There was no explanation during the meeting, but it should be addressed before the Benishs come back for the subdivision portion of combining all their properties.

The Marshall County Plan Commission approved the request as presented with all five members present at the meeting voting yes.

The second item for the County Plan Commission was a request for a replat of lot 6 of Higbee Tavern Baby Farm to lots 6A and 6B.

Rich Ziegler from Territorial Engineering appeared before the County Plan Commission on the request.  Lot 6A would have access through the existing easement.

During the Public Hearing Chad Montgomery spoke in favor of the request.  The split is to allow another family to build a new home in Marshall County.  The  Marshall County Plan Commission approved the request to replat the request as presented with all five members at the meeting voting in favor.