Marshall County Sheriff Matt Hassel released the March 2024 Jail and Sheriff’s Department monthly report.  The report details jail booking information, accident investigations, and population numbers for the inmate population.

The report lists the Top Ten Reasons for inmates being lodged in the county jail. The report shows in March 5 people were booked in for domestic battery, which was number ten on the list of reasons, followed by 6 arrests for possession of narcotic drugs as number nine. Number eight was disorderly conduct with 6 arrests, maintaining a common nuisance with 6 arrests was number seven on the list, and number six was possession of methamphetamine with 11 arrests last month.  The top five were driving while suspended with 11 arrests, possession of marijuana was number four with 12 arrests, and operating while intoxicated was third with 20 cases.  Operator never licensed was number two with 24 arrests while failure to appear was the number one reason people were booked into jail in March.  There were 24 arrests.       

There were a total of 138 bookings into the jail in March with the Argos Police Department making 3, Bourbon Police having 1, Bremen Police made 6 and Culver Police arrested 3.  Officers with the Indiana State Police booked 14 individuals into the county jail last month while Plymouth Police Officers made 51 arrests, and Community Corrections made 4 arrests.  Officers with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department arrested 69 folks in March. 

The average daily population in the jail for March 2024 was 142, six-months earlier in September it was 157, and one year ago it was 129.

The jail population report was completed on April 22nd with a population of 133 inmates.  One inmate was serving time on civil charges, four were serving time on misdemeanor charges and forty-three were serving felony time.  Of the one hundred thirty-three inmates, one- hundred thirteen were males and twenty were female.  Seventy-one inmates are being held pre-trial, twelve are awaiting arraignment and one is being held for another agency.

County police officers investigated 49 accidents in March, 45 were property damage and 4 were personal injury.  County officers handled 76 case reports, issued 174 citations or warnings, and conducted 83 security checks.  There are 1,343 active warrants to be served. 

Central Dispatch answered a total of 3,780 phone calls, there were 1,136 911 calls and 98.59% of those calls were answered in 10 seconds or less.  Dispatch also handled 1,223 service calls for the Sheriff’s Department.