City of Plymouth Mayor Robert Listenberger celebrated Earth Day and Arbor Day at Centennial Park with a team of volunteers from First Federal Savings Bank, Plymouth High School Student Council members, and The Marshall County Recycle Depot who all helped clean up Centennial Park on Monday, April 22.

Mayor Listenberger thanked all the volunteers for joining in the effort and noted that the City of Plymouth has been a “Tree City USA” city for ten years.

He thanked the City of Plymouth Urban Forestry Committee for their continued efforts to sustain the “Tree City USA” Designation. These individuals meet monthly. Members include Cameron Arnold – City Arbor Culturalist (appointed by ordinance), Jim Marquardt – Street Superintendent (appointed by ordinance), Michael Hite – Plymouth Parks Superintendent (appointed by ordinance), Luke Felde, Dan Shuppert, Mike Woolfington, Robert Yoder (appointed by Common Council), Steve Listenberger, and Jodie Overmyer – District Coordinator at Marshall County Soil & Water.

He also thanked the continued efforts of the Recycle Depot over the past few weeks to coordinate efforts among a variety of organizations and groups to help clean up Plymouth and Marshall County.

He thanked Mrs. Carin Plothow for bringing the Student Council to help with the cleanup.

The Earth Day / Arbor Day Proclamation stated:

Whereas, today is an opportunity to renew our commitment to preserving and protecting the state of our environment through community service and responsible stewardship of our trees and land; and

Whereas, let us recognize the role that each of us can play to increase awareness about the importance of environmental education and spur progress toward local environmental and climate literacy; and

Whereas, 20204 is the tenth anniversary of Plymouth becoming an official “Tree City USA” city and is well-known for its captivating tree-lined streets and natural landscaping that improves all citizens’ quality of life; and

Whereas, the City of Plymouth has taken steps to preserve and enhance its tree canopy, streetscape, and parks through the development of an Urbane Forest Committee; and

Whereas, as the Mayor of the City of Plymouth, I hereby urge all community members to continue to enjoy Plymouth’s transition of enjoying our natural features and caring for them to promote well-being now and for future generations.

Signed Mayor Robert Listenberger on Monday, April 22 – Earth and Arbor Day.

Article and photos provided by our news partners at the Pilot News. Written and photographed by Jamie Fleury, staff writer.