Noon on Friday, April 19th was the deadline for filing the pre-primary campaign finance report for primary candidates.

WTCA has acquired copies of all six County Commissioner candidate’s reports, the five Republicans and one Democrat. 

Incumbent Mike Burroughs running for re-election on the Republican ballot for County Commissioner in District II.  Mike opened his finance report on January 1, 2024, with $506.87.  His four-page report shows individual donations from eight people including himself totaling $2,400.  He also received a large contribution from John J. Oliver for $2,500. 

Expenditures for Mr. Burroughs totaled $4,677.30 and include Bowen Printing, the Pilot News, GIANT fm WTCA, The REES, Hoosier Food Service, and Marshall County GOP.  This leaves him a balance of $729.57 as of April 12th.

Jeff Johnson, Democrat for Marshall County Commissioner in District II opened his finance report with $.00 on January 1st of this year but received donations of $2020.  The $20 contribution was unitemized and the $2,000 donation was from the IUOE in Lakeville.  Johnson’s report shows expenditures of $1,140.22 to Bowen Printing and Vanadco Signs leaving him a balance on April 12th of $879.78.   

Francis Ellert for County Commissioner in District III opened his 7-page pre-primary campaign finance report with $.00 funds on hand.  He listed contributions totaling $11,438 which included $720 of unitemized donations and $10,718 in contributions from thirteen individuals including himself and businesses including a large donation from John J Oliver for $5,000 and a $250 donation from the Compton for Mayor Committee.

Expenses for Francis Ellert totaled $3,670.87 for radio advertising, Bowen Printing, and banking supplies. He currently has $7,767.13 on hand as of April 12th

Steven Gorski for County Commissioner in District II filed his 5-page finance report on April 18th.  He opened his report on January 1st with $282 on hand and had contributions of $4,356.02 from himself and a single donation of $50 from one individual.

Expenditure for Steve Gorski totaled $4,415.35 for the Pilot News, Bowen Printing Amazon Yard Signs, Town and Country Printers, radio and website advertising, and the County Clerk.  His campaign finance report on April 12th had $222.67 on hand.

Adam Faulstich for Marshall County is running for Commissioner in District II.  He opened his report on January 1st with no money on hand.  He had itemized donations of $8,290.85 from 20 individuals although 9 of the itemized contributions were from Faulstich himself.  Conservatives for Tim Harman have contributed $3,213.94 and the Bradon Schadek for County Council committee contributed $95.   

The 12-page finance report for Adam Faulstich shows a total list of expenditures of $6,249.86.  His expenditures were for postcards, signs, stakes, envelopes, direct mail, Facebook ads, and the Seasons Banquet Hall.  His report shows a cash-on-hand balance of $2,040.99 as of April 12th

The final and longest report was filed by Jesse Bohannon.  His report is 20 pages long and according to the clerk, was filed late.  Bohannon is running on the Republican ticket for County Commissioner in District III.  Bohannon opened his pre-primary campaign report on January 1 with $1,415.46.  Since then he has received itemized contributions totaling $12,496.26 from himself, individual, businesses, and other current candidates including Brandon Schadek for $115.39, Adam Faulstich for $4,405.17 and Tim Harmon for $864.10, the Political Action Committee Hoosier Conservative Voices for $660 and Conservatives for Tim Harman who gave a total of $4,210.78. 

Expenditures for Bohannon totaled $11,538.31 and include several to Facebook, Amazon for supplies, and Just Mailings.  Other expenditures were to Magnets on the Cheap, Vista Print, Build A Sign, gas stations for fuel, Dollar General, Gunslinger Productions, Walmart, Ace Hardware Seasoned Banquet Hall, and to himself.  His report ends on April 12th with $2,373.41 cash on hand. 

The Marshall County Election Board will meet on April 29th at 8:30 to consider Bohannon’s late report.  It was filed at 2:08 p.m. but the deadline was noon.