The Marshall County Council made a change to their Personal Subcommittee Board during their meeting on April 11th.

Councilman Tim Harman told the board he is “overwhelmed” with some of his duties and would like to be a member of the Public Safety Blue Ribbon Commission to look at a Public Safety Local Income Tax to assist fire and EMS departments in the county. 

Harman said he thought it would be good to “downsize” a little bit because he is on a lot of committees and felt like he could let his position on the Personal Committee go.

Jim Masterson had previously served on the county’s original personal committee and he is a local business owner and an employer.

The motion was made to remove Tim Harman from the Personal Subcommittee and replace him with Jim Masterson.   

The Council’s subcommittee for Personnel will be Nicole Cox, Deb Johnson, and Jim Masterson.