Last week, Marshall County Sheriff Matt Hassel addressed the County Council about a line in his budget that said K9 Fund.  An investigation determined that the fund had never been established by ordinance.  It’s believed that it started in 2011 when the Sheriff’s Department was taking donations for a new K9. 

The sheriff had an ordinance created to formally establish the fund as part of the sheriff’s budget.  He said, “Any donations that we get from now on will go into that fund and it will actually be part of the budget process.”  He said the funds would be used for training, veterinary bills, dog food, and K9 equipment.

The sheriff did comment that there are funds in the line item currently but did not say how much. 

The Marshall County Council approved the Sehriff’s request to approve an ordinance creating a donation fund for the K9 program. 

The County Council also needed to make an appointment of an alternate for the Marshall County Board of Zoning Appeals meetings.  Joe Allen from Union Township was recommended and appointed to be the council’s alternate to the BZA.

The council also discussed an appointment to the One Marshall County group.  They have two options, to appoint a member of the County Council or appoint a community person to be their representative.

Councilman Jim Masterson was a member of the Stellar Communities but felt a representative from the public should be their representative.

Council members were asked to bring recommendations to suggestions to their May meeting for that appointment.