Thursday evening the Marshall County Council held its April meeting in the County Building. 

On the agenda was the approval of invoices from the council’s attorney and financial advisor.

Center Dalton Municipal Advisors presented the invoice for March in the amount of $450.  Steve Dalton has one hour and fifty minutes of work on the council finance review.

The attorney’s current billing for March was $2,130 and included five hours and twenty minutes preparing for the council meeting on the solar decommissioning for $1,560.  He also spent two hours and forty minutes reviewing solar decommissioning plan agreement and issues for the Board of Zoning Appeals for $480.  The final March bill was for thirty minutes to work on issues with board appointments for $90.

There is a previous balance of $4,180 on the books and a payment of $990 was noted.  The grand total for legal services that are due by April 28th is $5,320.

The council accepted the invoices presented and will forward them on to the Marshall County Commissioners for approval for payment.