Plymouth City Attorney Jeff Houin had good news for the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission.  Tuesday evening Houin said the Hoham Drive project is moving forward.

The project which was started in 2023 but a subcontractor hired by NIPSCO to relocate a gas line has delayed the project by not moving the line in a timely manner.  As the project bogged down last year the contractor finally relocated the gas line but instead of installing it in the correct site, the contractor was given a plan that showed where the storm sewer was going to be so they would avoid any conflicts.  Instead of installing the gas line where the plans had it, they installed the gas line where the storm sewer was located. 

Tuesday evening Houin said the subcontractor was able to relocate the gas line to the correct location.  That will allow Milestone to move ahead with the other utility work that needs to be completed before they can widen the road and repave it.

This project was awarded in September 2022 at a cost of $2,546,956 to low bidder Milestone.  The project was to begin in the spring or early summer 2023 with completion 2024.  Houin said they believe the project will be completed by August 2024.

Any additional costs due to delays caused by NIPSCO and their subcontractor will be paid for by NIPSCO.