After 37 years of serving the citizens of Marshall County, Judge Dean Colvin is announcing his intentions to retire from his service as Judge of Marshall County Superior Court Number 2 on September 29th, 2024. 

In a press release the judge said, “It has been my pleasure, privilege, and honor to serve the citizens of Marshall County both as Judge of Marshall County Court and Marshall Superior Court No. 2 for more than 37 years.”

He continued, “My public service began in 1974 as a special deputy with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department, a Plymouth Police Officer, Investigator of Marshall County Prosecutor’s Office and Deputy Attorney General for the State of Indiana.”

Judge Colvin said, “After 50 years in public service, it is time to consider other opportunities.  My separation will require Governor Holcomb to appoint a replacement to fill my vacancy created by my resignation.” 

The judge continued, “I want to thank all those I have had the opportunity to meet while serving as Judge of Superior Court No. 2.  I want to especially thank those who have staffed the court and my family, all of whom have been the best in supporting me.”