4-17-24     Wednesday News     11 P.M.   E-2

The Plymouth Unity Gardens is continuing its garden improvements. They will be hosting two Volunteer Days where community members are invited to help with the renovations. The upcoming Volunteer Days will be this Saturday, April 20th, and next Saturday, April 27th at 9:00 AM.  The Unity Gardens are located at 1305 W. Harrison Street in Plymouth near Packard Woods.

This Saturday, April 20th the group will be spreading sand and installing the donated paver blocks. Next Saturday, April 27th, the group will be installing and filling garden beds.

Community members are also invited to participate in the 2024 Best Dandelion Contest! This fun and lighthearted contest is asking Marshall County residents to find their best dandelion. Those interested can pot up their dandelion and bring it to either of the Volunteer Days. There is a limit of one plant per person but anyone of any age can participate. While some may consider the dandelion as a “weed”, dandelions have many benefits and every part of the plant can be used: root, leaves, and flowers. They are also very beneficial for local pollinators, which gardens need to be successful. Help Plymouth Unity Gardens celebrate an amazing plant!