A group of concerned neighbors will be meeting on Monday, April 16th at the Chophouse Restaurant at the Swan Lake Resort to discuss a large chicken project in the area. 

The residents of Sage Road near the Swan Lake Golf Course recently found out that one of their neighbors is in the process of constructing a chicken farm that will have 20,000 laying hens.  Many of the neighbors are quite concerned that the project could happen without any notice to them. 

The neighbors are concerned about the noise, odor, risk of soil and water contamination, air pollution, decreased property values, and additional traffic on the county road.  The neighbors are opposed to the chicken farm and have started a petition. 

Dennis and Becky Stutzman at 5300 Sage Road are starting the chicken farm and according to Ty Adley, the Marshall County Plan Director, the property is zoned A-1, and their animal production barn meets all the sets.  He said, “Just as a house can be built on A-1 Agricultural zoned property an animal operation can also be constructed, but if it reaches the threshold of a CFO or CAFO (30,000 chickens) there will be additional standards.”  With 30,000 chickens regulations require a 1,320-foot setback from the neighboring residences.  At that higher number, there are also regulations for a route permit, odor control, the water well and testing, manure, and irrigation of manure. These restrictions are not required for 20,000 chickens. 

Any concerned citizen living around this chicken farm who has concerns or wants to sign the petition should try to attend the meeting in the Chophouse at the Swan Lake Resort on Monday, April 15th at 6 p.m.