Last week the Bourbon Town Council passed on the third and final reading an ordinance that prohibits parking between the hours of 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. on Main Street between Quad Street and Park Avenue and on Center Street from Bourbon Street to Harris Street.  The ordinance does allow parking if a business establishment is open during those restricted hours. Parking is permitted for patrons immediately adjacent to the establishment.

Council members also added one additional intersection to the ordinance that changed out the yield signs in town to stop signs.  The additional intersection that was approved to be changed from a yield sign to a stop sign was East Jefferson and North Washington Streets.

Marianne Peters from the Marshall County Solid Waste Management District attended the Bourbon Town Council meeting to invite members to attend a meeting May 16th to learn about a proposed County Yard Waste Facility.  She told them this past year they completed a study and found that many county residents don’t have a way to rid their yards of grass clippings, bush trimming, leaves and even damage from storms.  Peters also said the municipalities and landscaping businesses could use the site to remove gathered yard waste.  She said two sites, one on King Road near the County Highway Garage and a site on 5C Road that the county currently owns are possible locations.