Did you see the roof construction taking place at the First United Methodist Church? Whether you spotted the wooden trusses piled high in the parking lot or the large crane positioned hovering over the historic building, one thing is for sure.  It’s all evidence of some very welcome and exciting changes. 

Back in 2019 well-informed church members, including the late Brian Liechty, noticed some wall damage while prepping the building for some updates. A structural engineer later confirmed the beloved domed roof of the First United Methodist Church building was unstable, and the sanctuary was unfit to host Sunday worship. 

FUMC Pastor Lauren Hall said, “It was a trying time for our church. We were thankful to have our faith and each other to lean on. It is moments like this when we are reminded people make the church, not a building.”

In late 2023 funding was secured, and construction plans were finally made. Over the past several months, the construction team and many volunteers have been hard at work restoring the building back to its glory.

Countless is the number of memories made within the walls of this building through worship, baptisms, confirmations, marriages, funerals, Sunday school classes, potluck dinners, work projects, youth programs, mission trips, rummage sales, and—through it all—Christian fellowship, love, and compassion. The First United Methodist Church congregation looks forward to making many, many more memories in the years to come.  Mark your calendars for a Community Open House on Sunday, April 28 from 1-3 pm.

The community is invited to join the congregation of the First United Methodist any Sunday for Worship services; Sunday Morning Worship at 9:30 am, Sunday School at 10:30 am, and Evening Worship at 5 pm.

Photo Captions: The interior of the First United Methodist Church sanctuary had to be reinforced with temporary structural supports in 2019. The problem has been addressed and the church’s foundation is on solid ground again. The congregation is excited to worship in their sanctuary after five years. A celebration Community Open House Tour is scheduled for Sunday, April 28 from 1-3 pm. All are invited!