Wednesday night the Senate passed a challenge to the new Biden rule that would negatively impact franchise businesses, an important part of the small business economy.

Thirty-two percent of small business owners say that they would not own a business without franchising.

“This rule would have an immediate, long-term negative effect on millions of workers and thousands of businesses,” Senator Braun said in his remarks on the Senate floor. “The National Labor Relations Board should not move forward with this joint-employer rule because it will have a negative economic impact and is inconsistent with common law.”

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin and Independent Senator Kyrsten Sinema joined the Republicans in passing the challenge.

Senator Mike Braun pioneered the use of the Congressional Review Act to challenge President Biden’s overreaching executive actions, including a challenge to protect Americans’ retirement savings from being politicized for a lower return on investment, and a bipartisan challenge that the Supreme Court noted was a significant factor in overturning Biden’s illegal vaccine mandate.

Senator Braun spoke on the Senate floor in favor of repealing the new Biden joint employer rule.

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