This week the Plymouth City Council approved a revision to the plan for utilizing the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) 2021 Funds.  On Monday the council was presented with a resolution to revise the spending plan once more.      

City Attorney Jeff Houin told council members the city received $2,257,926.69 to address the various adverse impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The funds received must be committed by the end of this year and spent by the end of 2026.  He said the city was required to adopt a spending plan for the use of the funds, which the city council did. 

The initial plan was revised and the current plan, adopted in September 2023 is what the city is using.  The plan allocated $400,000 for the solar panel project at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Houin said the project was completed and only needed $233,643.13 of ARPA funds leaving $166,456. 87. 

The modification to the spending plan would reallocate $29,970 would cover the repair cost of the LaPorte and Center Street parking lot.  That lot developed an area that was sinking so the funds will address that issue and crack seal and reseal the parking lot and restripe the entire parking lot.

Another modification to the ARPA spending plan would allocate $14,100 to the Troyer Group to design a Corridor Plan for Oak Drive.  Houin said the plan would calm vehicular traffic flow and provide pedestrian and bicycle facilities.

The Oak Drive Corridor Plan would create a design with public input on how that street could be developed in the future.  Houin commended on the dangers on Oak Drive, especially for the pedestrians and bikers, many of whom are going to and from work.

Houin said the additional funds remaining, $133,643.13 would be allocated to the Harrison Street Trail Project. The city has already designated $200,000 for the project but the additional funds will move that project forward sooner. 

These were the only changes.  The other allocations remain the same as they were previously.

The Plymouth City Council unanimously approved the modifications to the ARPA Funds Spending Plan. 

New list of projects in the ARPA Spending Plan

$233,643.13 Solar Field at Wastewater Treatment Plant

$600,000 Support Lifelong Learning’s Career Innovation Center

$450000 Plymouth Fire Dept. purchase of Pierce Pumper & new ambulance

$322.286.87 Harrison Street Trail Project

$430,026.69 Sidewalk design and construction throughout the city

$75,000 Support for the Marshall County United Way’s annual campaign

$102,900 Support for the design of the Price’s Pond Trail Project