Spring has officially sprung, and once again the Marshall County Crossroads – Great Hometowns Initiative and the Marshall County Recycle Depot are inviting the community to clean up your favorite block, street, and park during the annual Community Cleanup Challenge. 

It’s April 15 – 27th, but on your own schedule!

Team up with your family, co-workers, neighbors, friends, youth groups, clubs, and colleagues to help build a sense of pride as we work together throughout the great hometowns in Marshall County in cleaning up litter.   Go on your lunch hour, after work, on a Saturday morning—whenever you have time!

It’s easy!

Grab some trash bags and head to the nearest pile of litter, such as roadsides, ditches, and fence lines, as well as other areas where litter has collected over the winter.

Be sure to wear high-visibility clothing, sturdy shoes, and heavy gloves. Safety first!

Bring bagged trash to the Depot during business hours or by appointment. No large items or housewares will be accepted. If desired, participants may pre-sort collected aluminum cans and glass and plastic beverage containers for recycling at the Recycle Depot.  

Reserve the Recycle Depot Community Clean-Up Trailer if you have at least 5 people. Contact the Depot directly at 574-935-8618 to use this resource.

It’s virtual!

Take lots of pictures or videos of your clean-up and add them to your social media!  Promote your clean-up efforts by tagging @Recycle Depot on Facebook and Instagram.

Before your cleanup event, email your information to the Marshall County Recycle Depot at mpeters@myrecycledepot.org and we will post it online to spread the word.

It’s for the whole county!

Many civic groups around Marshall County have already announced their plans and cleanup locations. See the Recycle Depot Facebook page for information on areas that need to be cleaned up.

These companies and organizations include the Rees Theatre Board of Directors, Pregis, La Voz Unida, the Marshall County Democrats, Ameri-Can Engineering, and Lake of the Woods community volunteers. Churches, scout troops, sports teams, neighborhood associations, and other volunteers are encouraged to participate.

To learn more visit https://www.myrecycledepot.org.  The Recycle Depot is Marshall County’s headquarters for recycling, household hazardous waste disposal, and environmental education. Items accepted for disposal include batteries, automotive supplies, household cleaners and solvents, televisions and other electronic waste, and paints and stains. Compost bins and supplies, as well as rain barrels and rain barrel kits, are also available for sale.