Sandy Dunfee, Administrator from the Marshall County Health Department was granted approval to purchase a couple of vehicles during the Commissioner’s meeting on April 1st

Her request was to purchase two new vehicles for the department, one for the Environmental Preparedness Division and the second for the Nursing Division. 

Dunfee told the commissioners the County Health Department does a lot of off-site things in the county, especially in the world of environmental.  The Nursing Department travels with the mobile unit offering vaccination opportunities and more in the outlying areas of the county.

Dunfee said the funding for the vehicles comes from the two old funds the state used to provide the county with an Environmentalist.  She said the funds got rolled over year after year.  Dunfee said, “I’m not one to just let moldy money set around going to waste.”    She spoke to the state and asked with the new Help First Funding what she could do with the existing fund that had a substantial balance in it.  During that discussion the question of a vehicle purchase came up and after “jumping through a lot of hoops” the state agreed with the plan submitted and the County Commissioner’s approval.    

Quotes were received from the Auto Park and Oliver Ford.  Auto Park’s quote for a 2024 Dodge Ram 1500 was $40,704.51. The 2024 Edge from Oliver Ford has a suggested retail price of $40,220 but the Marshall County Commissioner’s price is $36,544. 

Commissioner Stan Klotz said these were the two best quotes and Commissioner Mike Burroughs motioned approval for the purchase of both vehicles for the Marshall County Health Department and Commissioner Kevin Overmyer seconded the motion.  The commissioners unanimously approved the purchase.