Plymouth Police Chief John Weir gave members of the Board of Public Works and Safety an update on the hiring process.  Last Saturday ten individuals took the written test and the agility testing.  One individual did not pass the written test.  The chief said the rest of the candidates are moving forward in the process. 

The Police Chief also asked for permission to purchase a 2012 Ford F150 quad-cab pickup with 54,000 miles.  The vehicle has a tow package, bed liner, bed cover and has been rust proofed twice.  The chief said the vehicle is in immaculate condition and he can purchase it for $20,000. 

The chief has been looking at the local dealerships for a lease turn in to acquire another vehicle but those average $35,000. 

The plan is to have Assistant Chief Emenhiser use the vehicle, although it would be available 24 hours a day if needed by anyone on any shift.  The vehicle will have lights and a radio system installed and will be used to haul equipment to the shooting range or for EVOC Training and to pick up found property instead of using the street department for hauling issues. 

Councilman Duane Culp had concern that the vehicle was not rated for police use and Chief Weir said the assistant chief doesn’t work the road.  He’s in the office most of the time handling lots of paperwork.  That’s why the chief was looking for a civilian type vehicle. 

The City Attorney said that Chief Weir did complete a Conflict-of-Interest Statement because Chief Weir is related to the person selling the vehicles. 

The request has been reviewed by the city attorney and mayor and they feel it is a legitimate purchase. 

The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety agreed and unanimously approved the vehicle purchase request.