The Culver Town Council is conducting two work sessions this week. 

On Tuesday, April 9th the Town Council will meet at 5 p.m. for a work session to discuss the two-mile zoning boundary. 

The reason for the work session comes from the 2040 Comprehensive Plan.  The draft plan was discussed during the Town Council meeting on March 28th.  The plan suggested extending zoning 2 miles outside of town limits, not an additional 2 miles beyond the 2 mile zoning but in certain places where the zoning extension is short of two miles. 

The Culver Town Council is only considering the recommendation and wants to get feedback for this idea. 

On Thursday, April 11th the Culver Town Council will meet for a work session to receive information from Baker Tilly on a water and sewer rate study.

Both work sessions are open to the public.  The work sessions will be held in the Culver Town Hall and available online by joining Teams.   The meetings will also be posted on the Culver YouTube channel after the meetings have happened.