The Marshall County Sheriff’s Reserve Unit is a group of volunteers that perform law enforcement duties in the county.

Officers in the Marshall County Sheriff Reserves assist the sheriff and merit officers with a variety of tasks including traffic details, security, prisoner transport, hospital sits, road coverage and more.

While the Sheriff’s Department assists reserve members with the required equipment necessary to do their jobs, the reserve works to raise their own funds to acquire the essential equipment they need to be safe on the job. A ballistics vest can cost as much as $1,000. Radios are the life-stream between the officers and dispatch and radios start at about $1,200. Firearms are $600 each and Tasers are $1,400 each.

So that the Marshall County Reserve can properly outfit its members they are conducting a fundraiser this month with the help of Bourbon Street Pizza. On Wednesday, April 17th 20% of your purchase for lunch or dinner will be donated to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Reserve Unit to assist with equipment purchases and training.