America faces a growing threat from adversarial nations that are attempting to buy up American farmland and land near our critical infrastructure.

This is why State Senator Mike Bohacek supported a new law that better protects our communities by preventing individuals and businesses from adversarial nations like China, Russia, and North Korea from obtaining farmland and any land within a 10-mile radius of a military base in Indiana. 

Last year, state lawmakers also passed a law that prohibits the Indiana Public Retirement System from investing in companies controlled by the People’s Republic of China or the Chinese Communist Party. In doing so, the state better protected our economic foundation and Hoosiers’ hard-earned money. 

Senator Bohacek said, “When we safeguard our land, military, and investments from adversarial nations, we keep our communities, economy, and food supply chain secure. That’s why I was pleased to support this crucial legislation and help address a security issue that not only impacts Hoosiers but all Americans.”