Marshall County is looking at the possibility of purchasing the Bowen Center building on Dora Lane.

During the County Commissioner’s meeting on Monday, Commissioner Stan Klotz said he, Health Department Administrator Sandy Dunfee, Councilman Tim Harmon, Judge Colvin, Judge Sarber and a couple others attended a tour hosted by Lindie Leary who is a member of the Community Corrections Board and County Director for the Bowen Center.

The 8,000 square foot facility has 7 examination rooms and lots of office space.  There was a major renovation project last fall although there are some maintenance concerns like an older HVAC system. 

Currently the County Health Department and Community Corrections are renting space in the Community Resource Center on Adams Street.  Commissioner Klotz said if a deal can be made, he believes the county could get their initial investment back in four and a half years to seven years by not having to pay rent. 

Bowen Center is currently building a new facility at the intersection of U.S. 30 and Pioneer Drive.  That facility should be ready for occupancy late this fall.  At that time they will relocate from the buildings on Dora Lane. 

Klotz said he has had some discussions with the CEO of the Bowen Center and said the county could spend about $450,000 on the property.  He clarified that no official actions have happened, only to see if there is a possibility.  Klotz said the Bowen Center is willing to work with Marshall County on a purchase and will not put the property on the market until further investigations and discussions can happen. 

The Marshall County Commissioners are interested in looking further into the possibility and gave the Health Department Administrator permission to speak to her board about the facility.   Klotz did say the Health Department has a large portion of the funds needed if the commissioners determine the acquisition, is the right thing.