The Plymouth Community School Board will meet on Tuesday evening, April 2nd at 6 p.m. in the Administration Board Room.  The meeting is open to the public although this meeting is a meeting of the school board in public to conduct the school corporation’s business and is not to be considered a public community meeting.  There will be time for public participation as indicated by the agenda.

The Consent Agenda items include consideration of two retirements, Jane Faulstich, as the PHS Theater Teacher.   Her retirement is effective 05-31-24 and Angela Poulson, at Washington Discovery Academy, the Lunchroom-Recess Monitor.  Her retirement is effective 05-30-24.


  • John Johnson, PHS, Softball Summer Head Coach, resignation effective 03-03-24
  • Kirsten Nault, PHS, Volleyball Assistant Coach, resignation effective 02-23-24
  • Rylee Lautt, JESSE LEA, Language Facilitator, resignation effective 03-15-24
  • Katherine Simmons, LJH, Volleyball Head 8th Grade Coach, resignation effective 03-25-24
  • Elizabeth Hunter-Bryant, MEN, 2nd Shift Custodian, resignation effective 03-20-24
  • Angela Mills, ADM, Multi-age Program Director, resignation effective 04-05-24


  • Gunnar Rains, PHS, Soccer Assistant Boys Coach, effective 06-01-24
  • Michael Ebert, PHS, Soccer Assistant Boys Coach, effective 06-01-24
  • Traci Lenig, PHS, Cafeteria Cashier, effective 03-13-24
  • Abigail Taylor, LEC, Adult Education Instructor, effective 03-20-24
  • Gwen Kriss, PHS, Spring Event Coordinator, effective 04-01-24
  • Kadin McCrammer, PHS, Golf Boys Assistant Coach, effective 03-11-24


  • Tracy Wilson, WEB, Cafeteria Server Transfer to WEB, Temporary Head Cook, effective 04-23-24
  • Tracy Campbell, ADM, Substitute Cafeteria Transfer to WEB, Temporary Cafeteria Server, effective 04-23-24
  • Sierra Mercer, PHS, Special Education Aide Transfer to ADM, Substitute Teacher-Aide, effective 04-02-24
  • Pamela Rosas, MEN, Student Teacher Transfer to ADM, Substitute Aide, effective 03-28-24

The consent agenda also includes student activity requests, fundraiser requests, and overnight and out-of-state travel requests.

Under Business Transactions is the consideration of a project construction agreement and a resolution with the Marshall County Career Innovation Center and Marshall County Lifelong Learning Network (LLN) for improvements at the high school. The LLN has sponsored a project to renovate and construct multiple facilities for educational, childcare, and certain other uses with an estimated total cost of at least $8,750,000. 

The school board will consider awarding the bid for the Marshall County Career and Innovation Center and PHS Renovations project and award the bids for the Washington Discovery Academy parking lot.

Principals from the elementary schools will give the school board an update and board members will consider an agreement with Apptegy along with an agreement with Surf Internet for dark fiber optic connectivity between the Kindt Soccer-plex with no cost to the school. 

Superintendent Mitch Mawhorter will request approval to apply for several annual grants and give a legislative update. 

The meeting is open to the public and a delayed broadcast is provided on the corporation’s website under the school board.