Plymouth Robotics Team 586E, composed of Freddy Kallenberg, Chance Miller, Jonah Rich, Cora Hanes, and Tyler Martin, has secured a coveted position in the upcoming VEX Robotics World Championship. Scheduled from April 24 to April 27, 2024, in Dallas, TX, this championship is the pinnacle of achievement in the realm of robotics.

The journey of Plymouth Robotics Team 586E began in the summer of 2023 when these talented individuals embarked on a mission to push the boundaries of innovation and excellence in robotics. Their dedication and hard work culminated in their first competition in October of the same year, marking the beginning of an extraordinary journey towards the World Championship.

Throughout the rigorous competition season, the team showcased remarkable skill and determination, refining their strategies and honing their technical prowess. Their journey reached a significant milestone at the Indiana State Robotics Championship, held at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, on March 23, where they demonstrated unparalleled performance, securing their spot among the top contenders. Indiana, renowned for its competitiveness in robotics, provided a challenging yet rewarding environment for Plymouth Robotics Team 586E to thrive.

As they prepare to represent Plymouth on the global stage, the team does face financial hurdles, particularly in covering the expenses of airfare and lodging in Dallas. To ensure that these talented students can fully participate in this transformative experience, Plymouth Robotics Team 586E is reaching out to the community for support.

“I am extremely proud of the outcomes that Plymouth Robotics Team 586E has achieved”, said Michael Wraight, Head Coach of Plymouth Robotics.  “From the start of the season in the summer of 2023 to their remarkable qualification for the VEX Robotics World Championship, they have demonstrated the hallmarks of innovation and teamwork. We ask our community to rally behind these exceptional students and help make their dream of competing in Dallas a reality.”

Supporting Plymouth Robotics Team 586E not only empowers these students to showcase their skills on a global platform but also fosters STEM education and inspires future generations of innovators and problem solvers.

To contribute to Plymouth Robotics Team 586E’s journey to the VEX Robotics World Championship, please visit or contact Michael Wraight at

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