Marianne Peters, Executive Director of Marshall County Solid Waste Management District discussed the possibility of creating a county yard waste collection site with the Plymouth City Council Monday evening.  While she did briefly discuss plans, Peters was there to make a personal invitation to council members to attend a meeting on May 15th with other municipalities in the county.  Her plan is to start a dialogue on setting up a site with them.

The Solid Waste District’s Board of Directors commissioned a feasibility study for the yard waste collection site that would serve county residents who don’t currently have a place to take trees, brush, leaves, landscape trimmings, live Christmas trees, and other organic materials.  County municipalities could use the facility as a possible solution for yard waste processing and county landscape businesses could use the site for disposing of trimmings.  Peters said the yard waste collection site could be used to dispose of natural materials from storm damage.

While no decisions have been made, two sites have been reviewed for a possible location of the 7-acre site.  One site is the county owned property on 5C Road.  The County Highway Department uses the site, which they call the “pit”.  The second location is off King Road near the County Highway Garage.    

Phase one is a mulching operation and phase two will add a windrow composting operation, which requires registration with IDEM and additional permitting.   It’s anticipated that phase two would begin in a couple of years after the mulching operation is established.

Peters will be presenting at the other town councils in Marshall County in the upcoming weeks.