The Plymouth High School Speech Team had a great ISSDA State Tournament with 37 quarterfinalists, 27 semifinalists, and 19 finalists, with three state champions. They ended up in 2nd place, just 2 points shy of the win.

PHS Junior Gloria Sullivan, Sophomore Rylan James, and Freshman Waylon Pitts were state champions for the day. Gloria won Humorous Interp, while Rylan James and Waylon Pitts won OP Duo. Second-place finishers were Dariel Herrera in Drama and Duo, Jon Velasquez in Duo, Estela Mendez in Poetry and Informative, Jordon Nethercutt in Dec, and Lily Macey in POI.

Other students placing in the final round included the following:

Aiden Ruiz in Prose 3rd

Aiden Ruiz and Olivia Burch in Duo 3rd

Angel Oviedo in Prose 4th

Gloria Sullivan in POI 4th

Hannah LaFree in Humor 4th

Lyli Seidelmann in POI 5th

Olivia Burch in Humor 5th

Tyler Travis in US Extemp 5th and Impromptu 6th

Lily Macey in Original Oratory 6th

Cora Hanes in Informative 6th

Cassidy Riddle was one of 11 seniors from all over the state who was nominated for the James Hawker Mental Attitude Scholarship. She won the vote by the state board and received a plaque and a $500 scholarship. Her parents arrived in time to see Cassidy receive her recognition.

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