It was a quick meeting for the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety on Monday evening although they did hear from several department heads.

Plymouth Fire Chief, Steve Holm gave a quick update on the new hire, John Kauffman.   Kauffman did a lateral transfer from the Goshen Fire Department.  He is a firefighter/paramedic and is relocating to Plymouth.  His first shift was Saturday and Monday was his second official shift. 

The Chief said the department has been busy giving Kauffman a chance to get familiar with Plymouth and work through all the skills he will be using in the department.  Chief Holm was happy to announce that they are at full staff. 

Mike Collins, Director of Oak Hill Cemetery was approved to conduct an open burn.  Collins said they have a brush pile on the south end of the cemetery and usually annually burn their brush. Collins said he would work with the Fire Chief and notify the Marshall County Dispatch Center of the burn.  He hopes to burn the pile in the next couple of weeks. 

The Board of Public Works & Safety approved the request.

A second request for an open burn was requested by the Plymouth Park Department.  Superintendent Mike Hite was absent from Monday’s meeting, so City Attorney Jeff Houin made the ask.  The park wants to burn the brush on the terrace area of the Schuh Ditch.  The burn will be scheduled in the next couple of weeks. 

The board approved the park’s request to burn.

Clerk-Treasurer Lynn Gorski presented a request that was received Monday afternoon.  St. Michael requested to close Center Street from Madison to Monroe Streets this Saturday evening from 7 until midnight for the Easter Vigil Mass. 

Kurt Feece from St. Michael said they have held the event for the last four years.  They place a fire pit in the middle of Center Street and will start the fire at 8 p.m.  The Easter service is held, and the fire is out about 10 giving them time to clean up.

The Board of Works & Safety approved the St. Michael Church request.