According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, about 438,000 acres of Indiana farmland are owned by foreign entities representing 2.4 percent of Hoosier agricultural land. With growing concern about foreign land ownership across the country, several states including Tennessee, California, and Texas are working on legislation to limit and address foreign adversaries.

State Representative Jack Jordan said in a recent release, “That is why I supported a new law that will ban foreign adversaries, such as Russia, China, and North Korea, from owning, purchasing, or leasing Hoosier farmland, mineral, water, or riparian rights.”

This law will also protect military installations by prohibiting foreign adversaries, apart from Cuba and Venezuela, from purchasing land within a 10-mile radius of such a facility. 

Representative Jordan said, “Not only is this an agriculture issue, but a threat to our food supply and national security. I am determined to put Indiana first and protect our farmland from foreign adversaries.” 

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