The Plymouth Unity Gardens in Packard Woods is undergoing a large project update! On March 19th a large donation of 200 paver blocks was delivered to the Plymouth Unity Gardens on Harrison Street. Several individuals came to help unload pavers and provide support for the project.

The group would like to extend a gracious thank you to the Marshall County Master Gardeners, Harold Diedrich, Roy Danforth, Tamara Needham-Libersky, Paul Davis; Master Gardener Associate Member Todd Emmons; Plymouth Park Department Superintendent, Michael Hite; Plymouth Mayor Robert Listenberger; local Pickleball group members, and Culver High School students on all their help in unloading the pavers this week!

The Plymouth Unity Gardens is located at the Marshall County Council on Aging and Life Enrichment Center in Plymouth.  All community members are invited to visit the garden and can help support this update project in many ways. Project updates and upcoming garden classes will be posted on Facebook at Plymouth Unity Gardens.  Like, follow, and share the page to help spread the word!

Upcoming Classes include Garden Bed Preparation on April 18th at 11:30 A.M. and Patio Tomato Planting on May 16th at 11:30 A.M. To register for these classes please call the Life Enrichment Center at 574-936-9904. Classes are led by Marshall County Master Gardeners with support from the Marshall County Council on Aging and the Marshall County Master Gardener Association.

If you are interested in more information on upcoming Master Gardener Intern Basic Training Classes, please email or call 574-935-8545 and your information will be added to the call list. Information on joining the Marshall County Master Gardener Association can also be obtained.

Photo Credits: Harold Diedrich, Advanced Master Gardener, Marshall County Master Gardener Association President