Plymouth City Attorney Jeff Houin gave an update on One Marshall County.  This organization initially was the Stellar Crossroads Committee but has formerly been changed to One Marshall County.  He said he didn’t have the updates on the structure for One Marshall County, but they are on the agenda for the County Development for the Future meeting and an update.

Houin gave a brief update on the Stellar Projects that are still in process. The Greenway Trail Phase III is a Stellar Project for the City of Plymouth, and it continues to move forward.  This project is from Garro Street to the pedestrian bridge into the south gateway in River Park Square.  They will be advertising for bids on the final construction engineering soon and will bid out the construction later this year.  Completion is expected in late 2025.

The Greenway Trail Phase III is an INDOT-funded project.

The other Stellar Project that is nearing completion is Riverside Commons, the workforce housing development east of Riverside Intermediate School on Baker Street. 

Kevin Berger is the developer of this residential project along with a smaller workforce housing project in LaPaz. 

He will be scheduling a ribbon-cutting ceremony for both the Plymouth and LaPaz projects in May.

Houin also updated the City Council on the Comprehensive Plan Committee’s progress.  Last week the city council appointed Don Ecker to be their representative on the committee.

Houin said two subcommittees have already met and two more a scheduled to meet this week.  The committee is also working on strategies and goals outlined in the Comprehensive Plan.