The Town of Culver will hold its meetings on Thursday evening beginning at 6:30 in the Town Hall.

Council members voted to reorganize the agenda and create defined sections of the meeting.  The change allows the council to run a more concise meeting and will give the public a chance to comment and give input before the council acts.

The meeting will open with the roll call, pledge, and approval of minutes.  At that point, guest speakers or presentations will happen.

Public concerns and violation appeals will be next on the new agenda.  This allows the public 3 minutes to speak on specific issues not addressed on the agenda.  Speakers will be asked to sign in before the meeting.

There is also a Public Dialogue that will be used as needed and is an opportunity for the Culver Council to have open discussions with the public.  These topics will be determined before the meeting and placed on the agenda so both the public and the council can prepare for the meeting.   

New Business will be next on the agenda and will include, among other things, ordinances or resolutions in need of a first reading or public hearing.  Old Business will include ordinances on second or third readings and other issues the town council has been dealing with. 

The agenda will then move on to department reports with city department heads primarily being head during the first meeting of the month and board and commission reports at the second meeting of the Culver Town Council. 

The department reports will be followed by the Town Manager’s Report, Clerk’s Report, Attorney’s Report, and Council Issues. 

During Thursday’s meeting, the council will take some time to introduce and explain the new agenda.  Culver Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim said, “As all new things take time to get used to, we will ease into this new format.”

Items on the March 14th agenda include Brian Carver from the Culver Youth Organization, awarding the trash contract, and department head reports.

The Culver Town Council meetings are streamed live on Teams and posted on the city’s YouTube channel following the meeting.