Marshall County Sheriff Matt Hassel shared the 2023 Jail report with the media recently. 

The report says there are 233 beds in the jail including 1 padded cell, 2 detoxification tanks, 1 administrative segregation cell and 2 medical isolation cells. 

In 2023 there were 16-5 bookings, up from 1301 bookings in 2022.  This equates to roughly 4 people per day.  The average state was 34 days with the longest stay being 345 days compared to 2022 with 27 days being the average stay and 349 being the longest stay.  The average daily population was 144 (61% capacity) up from 139 (59% capacity). 

The top ten reasons people were booked into the county jail in 2023 were, #10 – Domestic Battery at 64, #9 – Resisting Law Enforcement at 73, #8 – Theft with 83 bookings, #7 – Driving While Suspended at 91, # 6 was Operator Never Licensed at 108.  The top 5 include #5 – Possession of Meth with 108 arrests, #4 – Possession of Paraphernalia at 116, #3 – Possession of Marijuana with 184 bookings, #2 was Operating While Intoxicated with 210 arrests and the number one reason – Failure to Appear with 219 bookings.

The kitchen in the jail served 158,304 meals in 2023 at a cost of $350,309.60 which equates to about $2.21 a meal to an average of 150 inmates.  The kitchen in the jail also makes dinner meals for Meals on Wheels for the elderly and less fortunate in the county. 

There were 843 jail incident reports last year. That was up from 770 in 2022 ranging from behavioral issues to battery on a law enforcement officer.  Most incidents were investigated by jail staff however some were sent to the Marshall County Prosecutor for formal charges.  The incident repot showed 39 reports of contraband, 167 disturbances, 71 medical issues, 31 physical assaults, 23 reports of damage to county property, 129 shakedowns and 47 uses of force reports.

Video arraignment was used for 901 inmates last year, 45 transports to and from the courthouse and 66 transports to the hospital. 

Remote visitation was used 43,673 times.  The messaging system resulted in 71,782 messages send and received with 49,503 read by the recipient and 4,614 were flagged as containing “watch” words which brings them to the attention of staff and requires them to be pre-read. 

Inmates have the opportunity to participate in many programs including GED classes, AA groups, bible study, NA classes, Purdue Extension, Courage to Quit, exercise classes, creative writing, art classes, parenting classes and Celebrate Recovery.